I lifted my gas mask and held my digital video camera as steady as I could. I watched a man dressed in a yellow rain suite limp across the street that was now cleared of all protesters. He waved back at the fence in hopes of not getting shot again. The gas began to burn my eyes like a bee sting and I quickly replaced the mask over my face. A clean cut looking guy ran over and crouched down next to me watching carefully for more arsenals. He nodded at me since I, along with the tree, were now his shield. I asked him what he was holding in his hand and he was reluctant to show me.

"It's a rubber bullet that wiped right by me" he answered. I could see why he didn't want to show me the bullet because I would have loved to have kept it as a souvenir. It wasn't heavy and measured about 4 inches, at 260mph it could probably do the required damage. I turned towards the fence and watched them reload. The water canon had dispersed the immediate crowd but the tear gas was still working on the large defiant groups.