Just Trying to Fit In

Turf: Who knows...

Participant: A personification of ignorance. We'll call'er FagetBasher.

Agent 001: This is one of those funny at first, but upon contemplation, very, very sad situations...

(Once inside the Bug Jar...)

FagetBasher:   what can I do for you?
Agent 001:   I was just observing your dialogue in the room. I noticed you were talking about Fagets. What was it you were saying?
FagetBasher:   I have no problems with any one. friends with everyone
Agent 001:   But I distinctly read you use the term "Faget" and I just wanted to know what you were talking about?
FagetBasher:   Sorry this is my first time on the aol. did not mean to upset you I am sorry.
Agent 001:   Who's upset? I'm not upset. I was just asking what the conversation was about. So what was it may I ask?
FagetBasher:   I really have no clue what was said just jump on. did not want to harm anyone.
Agent 001:   But you said "Faget" - are you just typing in random words? I'm sure you meant something. What may I ask was the context?
Agent 001:   Hello?
FagetBasher:   Maybe I was trying to fit in and used the word that was not right.
Agent 001:   But what is it you said?
FagetBasher:   I have had severall friends, that was any way they wanted to be and I steal Loved them. all I am saying is everyone are there own people. I hope I did not hurt anyones feelings as far as faget goes. I guess I was stupid to use that word.
Agent 001:   How old are you, if I may ask?
FagetBasher:   I am in my 30 + .
Agent 001:   I see. Well, then it's time you knew...
FagetBasher:   My I ask the same question. what do I need to know.
Agent 001:   That it's spelled: "Faggot"
FagetBasher:   That is a good one. so what is your age, you can spell better than I can.
Agent 001:   A good one? No seriously. It's spelled F-A-G-G-O-T.
FagetBasher:   what is your age, my 9 year old would like to know.
Agent 001:   "Faget" sounds like some kind of phonetic interpretation, possibly from a Southern accent. Are you from the South?
Agent 001:   I'm 26... And, I'm sorry, did you just say that your nine year old was a party to this discourse?
FagetBasher:   this is my first time on the aol and he was helping me at the moment.
Agent 001:   I see. Helping identify the keys and what not?
FagetBasher:   WE know you are 26 years old are you a male or female?
Agent 001:   Male. So about your location? What state, if I may ask...
FagetBasher:   We are in arlington Tx. But you are right my 9 year old is my back bone.
Agent 001:   Well, I have to go. Just try to remember: Red necks say "Faget" - Fine upstanding, bourgeois homophobes say "Faggot".

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