The world of online communication has sling shotted modern humanity into a world of endless possibilities in the exchange of ideas and answers. And at the forefront of such remarkable capabilities is the average person. And what does the average person choose as their forum for their mind expanding communication experience? The "Chat Room".

  Oh my.

  What you will read in the Bug Jar are actual unedited private conversations between unknowing participants and an agent of TheWax.com. Sometimes we have a well thought out disguise and others it's all improvisation... alright, most of the time it's improvisation.

  The screen names have been changed to protect the false identities of the participants involved.

  And remember, you never know who's out there. So try not to say anything too stupid.

  Whenever you get tired of this sort of this just click the link at the bottom of the page and you'll be whisked away to a TheWax.com's main menu.

  [Hey, think you're a wise enough wise-ass to become an agent of the Bug Jar? Keep it clean, keep it comical, keep it candid and send a minimum of three samples to us here in the Bug Jar care of t-bone@thewax.com. Good hunting!]