About Onetimers

It often comes to pass here at TheWax.com compound that we come across material that we find interesting, amusing, compelling and the like. We often wish to share these tid bits with you, our dedicated Waxaholics, but until now have lacked the venue in which to feature these items.

TheWax.com's Onetimers is a window into our personal computer desktops - a look into what's passing over the lines of our private intranet.

The Onetimers have no regular pattern of updating or format to go by, it's just shear stream of consciousness. Some items may make it into our All Timers archive but others will be up in an instant and gone in a flash - true one time events.

As always, we're open to your suggestions and submissions regarding TheWax.com's Onetimers so feel free to contact us. Thanks for popping in!