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I loved music when I was a kid and I still love music today. Not long ago I pulled out some old boxes that contained hundreds of Vinyl albums. Most of them are unplayable but there are a few exceptions. As I went through and without even listening to some of them I was blasted back to moments I had long forgotten. Rarely do these memories have anything to do with the music other than me or my friends were playing it to death at the time. I realize how fortunate I was, when almost all of these memories as trivial as they may seem, are really good.

You know the old vinyl format offered so much more to attach yourself to. You could stare at the artwork and get lost in the music. While there is no dispute with respect to CD's sounding better, I am getting older and I find it humiliating to use a magnifying glass as well as my glasses and a 700 watt light to read the lyrics or liner notes from a given CD.

So, I though it might be therapeutic (for me) and possibly painful (for you) if I were to share some of these memories and hell if you are in the process of replacing your old vinyl collection for CD, has them all!

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