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- What is this all about?

- Why the "Wax"?

- Who is

- Where is

- Who is Thor?

- Is this your real job?

- What happened to W.O.T.?

- Is Drew really a virgin?

- What is's Updater?

- Can I download the Fish?

- Where's the frog in the blender thing?

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Q. What is this all about?

A. We are puzzled by this question on a regular basis. But upon reflection it does seem a little wondrous, a little fantastic and a little great to have all this cool stuff under one roof, doesn't it? Perhaps it does beg the question "Why?"

To this all we can say is, just because we really like creating this material and well the fact that you like visiting here is just a really great side effect!


Q. Why the "Wax"?

A. Well, for starters (and to be completely anal) it's "", not "thewax" or "the wax" or "". Some people have guessed at what the significance may be. Some of the more impressive guesses include:

- The idea that it was a wax tablet that first introduced the world to an erasable writing surface.

- The notion that founders are hairy bastards, greatly in need of a full body wax.

- The alternate definitions to wax which include "to grow" and to "increase in intensity"

- The fact that there is an increasingly dismal number of clever domain names still available.

As for where the actual origins lie, well, isn't it more fun to guess?


Q. Who is

A. was founded by tyler and Drew but it could not be possible without all our beloved contributors from around North America and elsewhere on planet Earth - and of course our valued Waxaholic guests like you.


Q. Where is

A.'s head office is on a deserted Royal Canadian Air Force base in the great northern wastelands of Québec. T-Bone skates to work now but hopes to one day collect enough wampum to afford a dog sled and team of huskies.


Q. Is this your real job? (Usually asked of T-Bone)

A. No. I actually only do this for thirty seconds a day. I'm a full time taxidermist and specialize in stuffing jelly fish. By nights i mow lawns and shave cats.


Q. Who is Thor?

A. The consequences of divulging this information involves an entire dining room set and an oversized shoe horn.


Q. What happened to W.O.T.?

A. Jon Dy's W.O.T. was rendered defunct when Jon decided to pursue a career in blind-folded trapeze figure skating. This daring venture now occupies most of his time, however he does on occasion get a chance to submit his hilarious antics to's Currents section.


Q. Is Drew (or "am i normal?") really a virgin?

A. That depends on how you gauge virginity... If virginity has a reset feature then this may be the case.


Q. What is's Updater?

A. We know how busy life can get, and sometimes you just get lost in work and forget about making time for yourself.'s Updater is a newsletter of sorts which usually goes out twice a month giving you a run down of what is going on, what has been going on and sometimes a sneak preview of what will be going on at

To sign up simply return to's Homepage and fill your email address into the field at the bottom of the page and click Join. Please note that your email address will not be shared with anyone.


Q. Can I download the Fish?

A. No. Many pirated copies of the Stress Relief Aquarium 2.1 were circulated way back when and as a result thousands of people do have their very own private viewing copy of the fish on their own computer. Well lucky them. Though T-Bone would much prefer that you visit the fish at it's online location he's not holding a grudge...


Q. Where's the frog in the blender thing?

A. Go here, ya ignoramus.


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