Death from Beliefs


Death from beliefs, beautiful words that either become like a rock, just a solid form smashed with a hammer. Or become one's very way of life, a filter to condemn others that don't see eye to eye. Voluntarily putting on handcuffs and prisoning ourselves. Who is actually benefiting from this? Who is actually cleaning their hands of another day and calling it a good one? Too many people I guess, have their minds set on a moral. A set pattern to predict our days. We are blind to the fact that every individual person has created hundreds of different beliefs, and not all are going to follow your path. Not all are going to say, alright, this is the way to live life in order to become happy. No, we are all individuals in that sense, and we are all guilty of growing angry when that belief is threatened. Why must this be? Is it just my imagination that this is all going on? Am I just sucked so far into illusion that I have created this vision and now I suffer? Yes, this is my choice to be suffering, but it's more of an encouragement to change it.

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