Wisdom Through Humor

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3.7 - July 2000

3.6 - June 2000

3.5 - May 2000

3.4 - April 2000

3.3 - March 2000

3.2 - February 2000

3.1 - January 2000

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July 2000 - Issue 3.7 - top

My Geometry Set (and other poems) (Poetry by Tom Simpson)

00/Jul/01 - Ridiculous poetry by Tom the zany writer of sardonic satire.

June 2000 - Issue 3.6 - top

Sticky Sweet (Poetry by Sarah Ellen)

00/Jun/01 - Beguiling citrus. Gnarled exterior...

May 2000 - Issue 3.5 - top

The Loser (part 4) (by Cooper Thomson)

00/May/01 - The life of the Loser becomes tumultuous with the arrival of a letter from abroad.

Sonnet (Poetry by Kristen)

00/May/01 - Save me i fear that i am losing myself...

April 2000 - Issue 3.4 - top

Whole (Poetry by Betty)

00/Apr/10 - Fourteen Dalai Lamas... Billions of Buddhas...

Deus (Poetry by Rena Kermasha)

00/Apr/01 - Warmth is such a simplicity
Spoiled by crises of identity...

March 2000 - Issue 3.3 - top

To You At Home (Poetry by Sarah Ellen)

00/Mar/01 - Fear and vulnerability in a letter home.

Lineman's Loss (Poetry by Kenneth Pike)

00/Mar/01 - Teetering on the shore between light and darkness.

February 2000 - Issue 3.2 - top

The Loser (part 3) (by Cooper Thomson)

00/Feb/10 - A romantic twist enters the life of the Loser.

Moonlight (Poetry by Rena)

00/Feb/01 - Memories of love from Rena.

i (mis) you (Poetry by Kristen)

00/Feb/01 - Introducing the softly spoken hard core poetry of Kristen.

January 2000 - Issue 3.1 - top

Lucid (by Sarah Ellen)

00/Jan/21 - Delve into the personal and the romantic.

The Loser (part 2) (by Cooper Thomson)

00/Jan/01 - Cooper delves into the way nostalgia can be a double edged sword of sweetness and woe.

Guns (and other poems) (Poetry by Tom Simpson)

00/Jan/01 - Tom delivers more poems with punch lines.

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