Wisdom Through Humor
Guns (and other poems)

by Tom Simpson


You walk up to me
I shoot you in the face
You fall
I say I am sorry

You don't say anything
I am insulted
You deserved it
I am unhappy
Guns are hurting me
Should I stop drinking?


You are in the tower
The people don't understand

You are in the power
The flag is in your hand

We are on the streets
The people don't understand

We are rather meek
This will stop the band

You are in the tower
Come down and smell the street

Meet the angry people It's your head they want to beat

Fields of Corn

I run and run and run
Through these fields of corn

I think of all the mouths that feed
On these rolling fields of corn

Kernels kernels kernels
On stiff shafts of cob

Wrapped in leafy green
Hanging from tall plants

Why is it when we eat this corn
It looks the same in our shit?


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