Wisdom Through Humor
i (mis) you

by Kristen

so drown me-
(breathing is only precious
and most beautiful with yours)
cuz we're the passionate ones
we're the ones who made them cry
please tell me
all i ask back from you
(mis)guided as i'm often left
is my self, purely innocent
before this new desire
bright and new, as i need you
and i'm frozen and fallen
and sodomized your grace
with sweet violence
so blind me to your
(mis)intention and what you
(mis)took from me
and innocence remains only
in the eyes of (mis)believers
left bedazzled
as you (mis)took me
off my feathered feet
and fragile toes
to suckle my (mis)ery
because i'm (mis)sing
your self inside of mine


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