Wisdom Through Humor
Sticky Sweet

by Sarah Ellen

On the stoop,
The sky is glazed with clouds and there are
No stars
As usual.
Cockroaches scuttle by in anticipation
Of a feast.
Feet tucked up under dress,
Preparations are made for the first
Into the pulpy rind of an ugli fruit.
The name seems inappropriate for such a mysterious,
Beguiling citrus.
Gnarled exterior,
Textures and hues give way to creamy
Yellow symmetrical sections.
Bitter when chewed, the membranes contain
A thousand
Tawny droplets of tangy
Sweet flesh.
Extracted juice runs down off
Fingers and arms.
Enjoyably sticky, a memory
Once very small, seated
On the stoop
With a garbage bag bib,
I ate tomatoes
Like apples.


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