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Q - Who is handling these credit card transactions?
A - are online retailing professionals. When you receive your credit card statement CCNow will be the name to remember for your transactions with

Q - Will my credit card transaction be secure?
A - Yes. Don't worry, we're leaving the credit card transactions to the professionals at

Q - How long before I receive my stuff?
A - Please allow 4 to 6 weeks at this time. Hey, we'd deliver it to your home personally if we could.

Q - Who do I contact with questions about all this?
A - You may contact us at with concerns and questions. For information and questions about our retailer, CCNow, feel free to call 1-877-CCNOW-77.

Q - Does use slave labour?
A - Define "slave labour"...

Q - Are apparel and memorabilia environmentally friendly?
A - No real mice were harmed in production of our mouse pads if that's what you're asking.

Q - Is there a satisfaction guarantee?
A - We're not selling you a vacuum cleaner or a new washing machine! Shirts, caps, mouse pads - you know what you're getting - I mean c'mon!

Q - How about a warrantee?
A - Are you nuts?

Q - This whole store is for real, right?
A - All joking aside - yes. Products are high quality, transactions are secure and we love our guests so much that we'll see things to the end of the Earth just to make you happy.

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