Wisdom Through Humor
The Stuff 45 RPM

Tom Simpson

List of Songs along with a brief background about the inspiration behind this unavailable album, 45 RPM by The Stuff:

Rabid Froth Boy

Place directly in your mouth, 2 table spoons of baking soda, 1/4 cup of vinegar. Stand in front of your Mom and make choking sounds.

Everybody's Dylan

In the old days you could put a 45 on the turntable without one of those center guides. Line it up a little off center and no matter who you listened it would sound like Dylan. What fun!

My Favorite Fascist

Definitely not Hitler. This is really about how much I hate Hitler.

Blue Suitcase

I once got locked in a suit case for a short while. I guess that is why I get all nervous in suit cases now.

Cheek Full O' Peas

I used to think I hated peas. You see I would put them all in my mouth using my left cheek as a holding tank. Then I could eat my dinner and later spit out those peas that I hated so much. I later realized how much time and trouble I could save by just swallowing them.

Good Idea

I used to keep a felt pen ready by my bed at night so when I woke up with a good idea I could write it down. Then one night I woke up with an idea and the pen was dried up. Too bad, I think that was one of my better ones.

Why Me?

I'll bet this is all you could hear during the sinking of the Titanic.

Bags of Steel

People that carry a lot of steel around should use bags with good handles. I think this is a huge business opportunity for some bag maker somewhere.

Whirling Dervish

"Like a whirling dervish", what does this mean exactly. I would believe it to be a big band dance step that involved a lot of spinning, good shoes and horn rimmed glasses.

The Bar Six

Dear Mr. Cadbury, You suck for dropping this delightful treat from your chocolate bar selection.


Nothing But Mammals

00/Oct/08 - Hans takes a shagadelic late night over the counter drug trip; doggy style.

Olympic Hangover

00/Oct/01 - Martin,'s Olympic Drinking gold medalist has an incredible tale to tell about after hours at the 2000 Olympics, direct from Sydney.

Modern History of Snowboarding

00/Sep/15 - Summer Olympics? Whatever! Marc's taking a nostalgic look back at the short history of the winter's youngest sport.

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