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April 2001 - 4.5 - top

At The Fence - The Summit of the Americas

01/May/01 - The rich make plans to get richer at Quebec City's Summit of the Americas; marc brought back this photo essay.

April 2001 - 4.4 - top

What Winter Really Means to Me

01/Apr/06 - Jon Dy is looking forward to spring... And something about sodomizing penguins?

March 2001 - 4.3 - top

No Hope For The Needy

01/Mar/01 - Heather on what we've been taught we need to feel whole.

February 2001 - 4.2 - top

A Righteous Rite - For Some

01/Feb/05 - Krissy on the U.S. approval of the so called "Early Option Pill".

January 2001 - 4.1 - top

Ode to Silence

01/Jan/01 - Andersen brings in the new year without noise makers.

December 2000 - 3.12 - top

The Stuff: I Met Her At The Gun Club

00/Dec/11 - Hilarious liner notes from Tom's latest The Stuff CD release!

Revelations of the Bowel Movement

00/Dec/01 - The lighter side of hospitalization in this second part of a Jon Dy Double Feature.

November 2000 - 3.11 - top

The Way I See It Now

00/Nov/27 - What pain has Jon known that he would not wish upon his worst enemy?

Pissing Inaction

00/Nov/20 - Sound words of wisdom from Hans, an admitted Floridian.

Planet Of The Bush

00/Nov/13 - Viki on what hangs in the balance of an election for an America that has neglected itself.

Nature Closes At Five

00/Nov/06 - Justin takes us on a wilderness adventure but fails to see the forest for the fees...

October 2000 - 3.10 - top

Winning Costume Ideas

00/Oct/26 - Tom delivers the absolute most hysterical Halloween costume ideas you've ever heard.

Halloween Dead Links

00/Oct/23 - Let Justin guide you through the introduction of the haunting season to the computer age.

The Stuff: 45 RPM

00/Oct/17 - The Stuff is back! Front man Tom Simpson won't confirm any likely tour dates right now, but here're the liner notes from their latest CD

Nothing But Mammals

00/Oct/08 - Hans takes a shagadelic late night over the counter drug trip; doggy style.

Olympic Hangover

00/Oct/01 - Martin,'s Olympic Drinking gold medalist has an incredible tale to tell about after hours at the 2000 Olympics, direct from Sydney.

September 2000 - 3.9 - top

Modern History of Snowboarding

00/Sep/15 - Summer Olympics? Whatever! Marc's taking a nostalgic look back at the short history of the winter's youngest sport.

Experiments in Sleep Deprivation

00/Sep/04 - Ever have a hard time falling asleep? Heather doesn't think that's such a bad thing...

August 2000 - 3.8 - top

Those Who Kant, Teach

00/Aug/28 - Are the blind leading the blind? Introducing Hans to have a look see.

Floating Brown Log

00/Aug/22 - It's exactly what you think and it answers the question: Will these guys print anything in the summer?

Rerun Fun!

00/Aug/15 - Hey, how yeah doin'? It's pretty quiet in here isn't it? Hey remember that time...

Nice Guy

00/Aug/01 - Michael would like to register a complaint about misuse of the word "nice".

July 2000 - 3.7 - top

Burning Your Fifteen Minutes at Both Ends

00/Jul/24 - Viki with lessons on how not to blow your fifteen minutes of fame.

Society In Decline

00/Jul/17 - Marc's vacation was not televised, but it could have been.

Ordinary Stars

00/Jul/08 - The world famous super star Justin Guy has a very important message for little ol' you.

National Fear

00/Jul/01 - Mak on just what we build national pride.

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