Wisdom Through Humor
In My Silence

by Betty

Before the creation of a thought, I see the whole world in existence.

Marking my destination, my hand shadows my manifestation.

Circling the Cosmos, like a walk around the lake.

Crystal and Clear, I look up into the sky.

Infinity surrounding me.

Every breath surrounding me becomes almost unreal

I find my glory

Deep within is Life

These sweet smelling messages replace my humanly scent

Inner demensions fills my garden, and nothing needs watering

Harvest many seeds of compassion


The most deafening silence plays the role of my expression to you

This lotus flower blossomed and now it feels my skin

I am sinking in all eternity, exploding within

Intuitively I dance

Shackles also free

Never lost the chance

Forever to be me

Make way for my homecoming, my illusions has ceased to exist

I can take off these itchy clothes and wipe this blood away from my wrist


Wrapped up in Angelic flavor

In My Silence

I Am.


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