Wisdom Through Humor
Damn Violin

by Rayn

Damn Violin

Fiddler on the roof as your city burned, pretend you did not see. Damnation. I am a damned nation.

Hear No Evil

See No Evil

Speak no Evil

And will you watch me burn too? Play that fiddle, Gay boy.

Hand on Ears

Veil on Eyes

Dick in Mouth

Damn You Nation!

If Persephone does go to Hades...

What then Demeter? Depression, let the world go?

Let my world go, Thankful I drop you first. Do run then, naive Romeo. There lies Achilles, there-by hangs you. Thought Zeus did you?

Less you are than the notes in my music, and I play you hard. Blood hurries from my raw and writhing fingers...


Fly with your cleansed wings...they are not clean; blood wings.

There was a past when I would have washed your instruments of flight, having faith that they would not fly from me. Now, drowned in the mud, I welcome it.


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99/Nov/14 - A richly sarcastic account of the world as told by the eight hundred drivers ahead of Justin in traffic this morning.

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