Wisdom Through Humor

by Rena Kermasha

Beautiful at your worst
My twinkle star
Your silly laughter
Lingers like my broken heart.

I live off of leftovers
And mold in my fridge
As well as the boxes
Of pictures and letters you left.

I do nothing but the past.
From old songs
To softly spoken vows of

My breath echoes
Gasps of abandon.
My tears mirror
The moistness of our love.

The paper I write on
Is your delicate skin
That I consumed endlessly
Never knowing there'd be
A last time.

I'd have memorised every moment.
Every kiss. Every surrender.
But I was selfishly happy
Never pausing for future reference.

Now all I have
Rests behind closed eyes
Retrieved only by
Lack of sleep.

I lost your scent.
I don't remember your hands.
But I endlessly hear you whisper
"Pretty girlie"
As you twinkle in my heart.


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