Wisdom Through Humor
Lineman's Loss

by Kenneth Pike

In the darkness of the night, I feel the shadow's warm embrace...
I come face to face with that I can't deny, or even shun!
Though the touch is chilling, it is utterly fulfulling...
I'm entranced, and gradually, the dark and I become as one.

As emotion ebbs, as all my ecstasy is drained away,
As I start to say that I am bound forever to the shade,
Light and beauty come in view, brilliance such I never knew...
I am stunned by such a presence, such a constrast sharply made.

Then my arms are reaching, and my heart burns with a bright desire;
Sadly, this great fire sets to light the bridges I've behind!
Suddenly, I'm all alone, and from my lips, a tortured moan...
Now, I am a wounded heart, a damaged soul, a shattered mind.

Then I see the light and know it shies from my attentions all,
And I know the call of darkness leads me only to my doom!
I am held without a choice, and screaming (though I lack a voice) -
I am floating in a void; without the light, yet lacking gloom.

Trapped 'twixt good and evil, both now shunning me and my embrace,
I come face to face with nothing but an empty, silent me!
So, in agony, I'll stand, until the light sends forth her hand,
Or until the dark returns me to the one I used to be.
Thus I walk this weave of hairs, and if I fall, the fall is theirs.


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