Wisdom Through Humor
My Geometry Set

by Tom Simpson

My Geometry Set

I like my ruler because it fits in the kit
I like my retractor I often stare at it
I'll dissect your vector to any size you see fit
Then I'll use my compass to pop your massive zit

Pay The Busker

You play that Dylan song with the passion of an artist
Who once had a life but now is gone

I hear you as I have before as I am coming through this subway pass
You want some change from me

Your case lays open in front of you while your strumming like a fiend
So often I have tossed you a coin or two

I'm tired of your repertoire and your voice and smell as well
Today I have a treat for you

I place this hard earned coin in strap and pull back as I aim this shot of sling
You get your cash through front and back of that sorry little axe

Maybe you will learn a song or two to spruce your little act
Please me with your repertoire and please please take a bath

Bang The Drum

I love Ben Hur
He rows like hell and makes it look like fun
I love Ben Hur
At cruising speed, attacking speed, ramming speed bar none

But if I was to have a gig upon a Roman vessel
I would be that drummer, he is something special


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The Loser (part 4) (by Cooper Thomson)

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