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Halloween Dead Links

Justin Guy

Greetings from the depths of the cyber dungeon my nerdy computer geeks. If you're a perfectionist, a stickler for functionality or anal retentive in the least, be afraid! Be very, very afraid!

The following is a haunted web page. A page of isolation and dread! A web page of Dead Links*!

And now our story unfolds...

I've been hard a work for the past couple weeks scouring the web in the spirit of the haunting season, in search of the best Halloween related sites on the internet. Here on this page you will find Dead Links* to the best in Halloween horror.

Halloween Costume Party Sex Orgy Can't get laid in day to day life? Daylight not really your ally? This site has all the tricks of the trade for knocking up friends and co-workers at the Halloween costume party where you're safely disguised and your chances of anonymous sexual encounters is significantly increased.

Hazardous Halloween Candy Suggestions If you're the neighbourhood psycho then you're certainly aware that the internet is an indispensable source of pipe bomb making knowledge. But did you know that you're also only a click away from all kinds of great recipes for poisoning and sabotaging halloween candy as well? Trick or treat!

Mat Night Chat There's surprisingly little out there on this vast information super highway about the phenomenon known as "Mat Night", the evening of vandalism and mischief held yearly on the 30th of October... Except for this chat room on the exchange of ideas and clever graffiti tips for the hallowed occasion. Smash a pumpkin for me kids!

The Pumpkin Pie Hunger Relief Page A great page full of high resolution pictures of starving third world children who would sell their own siblings for a single slice of the pumpkins we carve up and trash every year for Halloween. It's Halloween horror at it's best!

Meet Your Neighbours Night A million and one opening lines other than "Trick or Treat" to help you introduce yourself to your neighbours and forge lasting relationships with the people you live only a few feet away from. I know, it's crazy how frightening this stuff gets isn't it!

54 Shopping Days Til Christmas The most horrifying thing of all.

I hope you make good use of this index of's Halloween Dead Links*. It sure what a gruesome task assembling it! Have a safe and happy halloween, don't drive if you don't have too!

*Dead Links: Explaining the joke for those who need it; the term Dead Links is an internet term that refers to links on a web page that do not work properly. As in this link is a dead end, it doesn't link to anything.


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