Wisdom Through Humor
So You Think You're In Love?

by marc schultz

Love has been deemed the indefinable term. Love as an enterprise cannot be put into words because there are simply no words, or group of words, that can define the unique euphoric sentiments of love. Conversely the love for regular objects is simple because they perform functions that are useful: "I love this food processor, it processes food better than I ever could." However, as contemporary philosopher Emmanual Levinas explores, he discovers the obvious and realizes relationships between two conscious beings are very different in kind.

The realization of the existence of the "self", I, as a thinking thing, as an object which is conscious-of-consciousness (metaconsciousness) brings to life a, sometimes, very problematic element. The love for a food processor is low risk. One need never look the kitchen appliance in the eyes and say: "I love you". However, the conscious "self" is conscious of the primal urge for survival and is looking for the best path to follow. It would be "useful" for one to find a mate. One parasitically latches onto someone else in order to try and make sense of the "self". In turn it produces the counter effect, the "self" gets diluted, and in time, the self gets dependant - ridding itself of any identity.

People are not in love; they are in denial. They are not happy; they are scared to be alone. The words uttered by Ralphe Emmerson at Harvard University 163 years ago are brutally ignored every February 14th "Know thy self and study nature".

As traditions carry on overtime from one generation to another, much is often distorted, like in a simple game of "broken telephone". Saint Valentine was beheaded near Rome on February 14th as ordered by Claudius de Goth. Love is not an indefinable term but simply a term one would rather not entertain with any real truth. For obvious reasons love is the other opium of the masses; anything that can fool so many people so convincingly must be covering up something much more important.

This article applies to everyone but my girlfriend and I whom I love and respect more everyday, happy Valentine's Day!


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