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Society In Decline

marc schultz

New Jersey on July 4th is a good indication of where television meets reality.

The small beach and boardwalk town of Seaside Heights sits 30 miles north of Atlantic City and is a crude imitation of similar towns such as Wildwood or Ocean City. Spending the afternoon sheltering myself from the Jersey sun, I endured many hours of MTV. In retrospect, third degree burns and symptoms of melanoma might have been less painful.

On television I watched a man make an entrance to a talk show completely nude covering himself in the appropriate area. He was then asked to catch a basketball with his two hands (revealing the big secret), and so the crowed got relatively excited. The end of that show brought no relief because the ever so popular "Real World" was next up to air four back to back episodes.

The Real World is a show where 6 people are thrown together to live and the relationships that form are for our televised entertainment. Every person chosen is of typical beauty and practically imbibes and defecates the latest fashion, makeup and lingo.

When the sun goes down the Seaside boardwalk comes alive.

An entourage of muscular men and fake breasts bombard the scene and every person seems cast to star on MTV. Obsessed with materialism and an anal retentive physical perfection, people walk the boardwalk to catch everyone else's eye. These people that are envious of the television which gets so much attention with such ease. Where being on television would be life's pinnacle for any of these boardwalk tourists, the next best thing is to look like you're ready for TV; anything less would be undignified. Brushing up next to every second person on the overcrowded boardwalk provides a front row seat for the most make up I've ever seen. The world has not seen this much make up since Star Trek. Layers upon layers of cosmetic artistic application, most women could have taken a bullet to the head and not felt it.

Where is the difference between what is broadcasted on television and how events transpire in real time? In the world of television MTV controls a channel 24 hours a day, and in the real world, it seems pretty much the same.


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