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One of the our more memorable reviews suggested of "... it is better experienced than reviewed," which is the answer we pretty much hide behind whenever the question comes up, because frankly - we can't explain it any better than that.

Why create an exceptional online magazine loaded with content in every genre from interactive toys to in depth philosophy? Why not?

The history of is far less interesting than where we are now and where we'll be tomorrow. It would make very little sense to the pragmatic world of e-business to know that a hugely successful online "zine" began as a goofy hobby.

If this is your first visit then please be our honoured guest and poke around at a little bit of everything. You have found a place of solace away from an Earth of crap and an internet of digitized crap - be happy you're here!

During your visit i hope you laugh or perhaps just smile and i hope you come away with at least one nugget of new insight or a new point of view.

Feedback: One of our best ways of knowing what you're in the mood for is to hear it directly from you. So please don't hesitate to contact us with your suggestions, thoughts, love letters and so on via our Contact page.

Contributors: We're always looking out for new talent. Whether you're a writer, a jokester, an artist of some kind; your style may be just what we're looking for here at Let us hear from you about joining our team of Waxers.

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Glad you could make it.


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