Wisdom Through Humor

    Constant Annoyances

tyler gibb

is so very tired.


Single, white, idiot-- Seeks same (of opposite sex).

Tom Simpson

Imagine yourself taking a sharp left turn and it never stops. You don't realize it's never going to stop, you just keep wondering and complaining about how sore your right shoulder is.

The Mighty Thor

Could cave in your face with a glance.

Slo Mo

Is an exiled Canadian now living in the land of margaritas and melanoma.

Mak Faene

You don't have to read it - but I'm still going to write it.

Justin A. Guy

Does not really exist.

marc schultz

Would write more if he were not so preoccupied with saving the world and finding absolute truth. He's also a Leo.

Viki Reed

An L.A. based writer who is not impressed with California's warm weather.

Jonathan Dy

There's really not much to know about me,

There's not that much to tell.

All I can reveal is that I'm a sane and normal guy,

But I'm sure that most readers can't tell.

(Jon hopes no one realizes he used the same word at the end of each sentence to make this shitty poem rhyme.)

Anna Sheftel

Always either doing too much or too little or both. She will take over the world at some point, and she knows you'll love it. But all she wants right now is a nap and some Pixie Stix.


Enigmatic poet who undoubtedly has a perch over the world someplace where she can spy upon the human condition in relative secrecy.

Rena Kermasha

I have seen the great beyond of human emotions. I am a little bitter from the whole experience. Nonetheless, once in a while, I manage to climb out of the hole I dug for myself and reveal things that should stay buried deep. Feel free to send comments or questions about pain, loss and suffering.

Adam Prosser

WANTED: Dead or Alive. Known aliases: the Carlsbad Kid, Dr. Fruvious, "Hey You".

Hans Castro

Hans would be tall, dark and handsome if the 18th gene on his 21st chromosome had aligned better with its ribosomic enzyme. Had this happened, Hans might also know something about genetics. Instead, Hans likes to pick random words from scientific textbooks and look dead serious while he plugs them in everyday conversations.

Heather Gallagher

Just your typically abnormal american. Between building sets, trudging through textbooks, & reading and drawing comics she's doing her best to keep her mind open, her eyes clear and her wit sharp.


Mysterious observer and reporter of what we overlook in our day to day existence.

Paul Watson

Bulb's Dad!

Kenneth Pike

Once discovered the meaning of life, but got distracted by some silly putty.

    Bug Jar

Agent 001

Try not to say anything too stupid.

Agent 002

is a member of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party, living on a trust fund and conducting research on insectivorous Bats.

Agent 003

Just trying to get my homework done on time.

Agent 004

Is always at the right place at the right time.

Agent 005

Has gotten a life since becoming an agent.

Agent 006

Always gets in the last word.

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