Wisdom Through Humor
Mining For Doom (and other poems)

by Tom Simpson

Mining for Doom

I live by the fire of hell
I drink molten lava and vomit blood
Rejoice in my despair
For reason keeps the sound and the smell of your fart

From the flowers to the sky
From the rivers to the moon
All is weak in training for the Olympics
Shut up, shut up and sleep

Leafy Greens

Drifting softly over the jagged rock
Leaping to your feet while tied to a tree
Nature plays with your teeth as you smile
Leaving spinach in obvious sight

Life's Darts

Throw your head back and scream
Raise your arms in the air

Keep your feet on the floor
The people don't care

Gamble and play and drink from your life
Don't chew the ice cubes


Damn Violin (Poetry by Rayn)

99/Dec/1 - Incendiary words of objection.

The Loser (Fiction by Cooper Thomson)

99/Nov/17 - Introducing Cooper Thomson with a melancholic story of struggle and defeat.

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