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How Amusing From the Centre for the Easily Amused comes your best bet if you're seeking a smile, a laugh and lists upon lists of links to all the most humorous sites out there. Gauge your normality versus the rest of the world.'s very own T-Bone brings you the web's coolest eToys and much more. The place upper management dreads.

-Humor Daily Surprise Because Mike Durrett knows what's funny and he'll let you know too. Short movies and animation of all kinds online! For more intellectual stimulation with a unique outlook on all things web. Games, cartoons, and a great sense of style, mohsye on over!

-CoolStop is a wealth of links to the coolest sites on the web. is the brainchild of our own Anna Sheftel. Travel tips for the adventureuse. is the only source for undoubtedly the greatest variety of the hip sites out there. Is bizarre in it's simplicity and yet undoubtedly funny.

-ForkInTheHead is a super site if you're into site design or just interested in commenting from the peanut gallery, these folks can help. Not to mention all the fun and games you could imagine from a site called!

-Jagged: A Sharp Online Magazine.

-The Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout has your best interest at heart even if you don't. Check them out and get informed. is where you ought to be right now, to buy yourself or someone you love a book. [Note: a "book" is something people used for entertainment before the Internet and It's a nice throw-back once in a while.]

And of course if you haven't had a chance to view and hear everything we have to offer here at TheWax you may need some new (free) gizmos such as: is where you can get the latest Netscape browser in case you're still putting around on a 3.0. is your source for Flash plug-ins and the like. is where you can get your hands on a Real Audio Player.

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