Wisdom Through Humor

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2.6 - June 1999

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2.3 - March 1999

2.2 - February 1999

2.1 - January 1999

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June 1999 - Issue 2.6 - top

Friday Afternoon at the Cardiac Care Unit (by Anna Sheftel)

Sometimes a title can say it better than the caption.

Here (Poetry by Betty)

The summer springs forth love for some...

Phoenix (Poetry by Rena Kermasha)

My pride and desire, dangerously co-exist...

May 1999 - Issue 2.5 - top

The Phantom Phantom Menace (Fiction by Justin A. Guy)

Frustration drove Justin to hastily concoct this horrible rumor. If only it weren't fiction...

Awake (Poetry by Betty)

Tragedy close by is more than a little unsettling.

April 1999 - Issue 2.4 - top

Carrion (Carry On) (Poetry by Rena Kermasha)

Emotional turmoil for the wounded heart.

Ragnarok Falls on a Tuesday This Year (Fiction by Adam Prosser)

Just when it seemed the snow had stopped, that the miserable weeks of rime and wind were over and done with for another year, down it came in an unseasonable squelch...

Define Freedom (Poetry by Betty)

So what is it you really want?

March 1999 - Issue 2.3 - top

Sand Tiger (Fiction from tyler gibb)

Open water, burning sun, pontification and absolute panic.

Sand (Poetry by Adam Prosser)

In the secret valley of the hidden blooms / Where the river ebbs sure as the sun...

February 1999 - Issue 2.2 - top

Scheherezade (Fiction by Adam Prosser)

They want to learn everything about you... and you can only hold off for so long.

Being (Poetry by Betty)

Apathy, wonder and bewilderment at this human world we are born into without choice.

January 1999 - Issue 2.1 - top

Maquette (Poetry by Rena Kermasha)

Love, the open road, what lies ahead and is lies forgotten...

Unlit World (Poetry by Betty)

A collection of words that will continue to dazzle into the new millenium...

December 1998 - Issue 1.4 - top

4way Stop (Fiction from tyler gibb)

Surealistic short fiction that explores a perticular instance of bizarre coincidence...

Glass (Poetry by Betty)

Introspective and meditative; lyracle but not without it's disturbing undertone...

The Watchers (Fiction by Adam Prosser)
"A story of evolutionary creation, or creationary evolution", a fable beyond time and space...

November 1998 - Issue 1.3 - top

Clonnus Alias (Fiction from tyler gibb)

In this quirky mystery Clonnus Alias found an ingenious way to clean up his life style as a pack-rat geek, but at what cost..?

Zero (Poetry by Betty)

Pensive Elegy (Fiction by Jonathan Dy)

Melancholic and slight in manner, this work of short fiction demonstrates a more serious side of Jonathan Dy...

Stout Anchor (Poetry by Rena Kermasha)

October 1998 - Issue 1.2 - top

Trick or Treat (Fiction by Dan)

(from TheWax's Halloween Special 1998) Halloween fiction of a different kind...

Love is the Death of Feminism (Poetic Fiction by Rena Kermasha)

Poetic fiction on the conflicts of falling in love...

A Poem For The Fish (Poetry by Dan)

Bucket (Poetry by Rena Kermasha)

Tops (Fiction from tyler gibb)

In tyler gibb's story obssession leads to jealousy; jealousy to confrontation; confrontation to violence; violence to humiliation and all sixty-some stories above the city...

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