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2.12 - December 1999

2.11 - November 1999

2.10h - Halloween 1999

2.10 - October 1999

2.9 - September 1999

2.8 - August 1999

2.7 - July 1999

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December 1999 - Issue 2.12 - top

Grains Of Sleep (Poetry by Sarah Ellen)

99/Dec/14 - Introducing Sarah Ellen

Mining For Doom (and other poems) (Poetry by Tom Simpson)

99/Dec/1 - A small collection of darkly funny and twisted words.

Damn Violin (Poetry by Rayn)

99/Dec/1 - Incendiary words of objection.

November 1999 - Issue 2.11 - top

The Loser (by Cooper Thomson)

99/Nov/17 - Introducing Cooper Thomson with a melancholic story of struggle and defeat.

Blinking Lights (by Justin Guy)

99/Nov/14 - A richly sarcastic account of the world as told by the eight hundred drivers ahead of Justin in traffic this morning.

In My Silence (Poetry by Betty)

99/Nov/1 - A stroll through the garden of thought.

Halloween 1999 - Issue 2.10h - top

The Loot (Fiction by Mak Faene)

Something for all the bullies who steal candy from little kids.

Trick or Treat (Fiction by Dan)

(from's Halloween Special 1998) Halloween fiction of a different kind...

October 1999 - Issue 2.10 - top

Shawnah McCynzie (Fiction by Rayn)

The dark and blurred memories of losing a sibling right before one's eyes.

September 1999 - Issue 2.9 - top

What's up (By Rayn)

Introducing Rayn's words of raw feeling.

Significant (Poetry by Betty)

Joi de vie and the need to write about it.

August 1999 - Issue 2.8 - top

Death From Beliefs (Poetry by Betty)

Are your thoughts being threatenned?

Wicker (by Rena Kermasha)

Dreaming of putting yourself back into a situation you love to hate.

I Saw A Peacock (Poetry by Adam Prosser)

The difference between fantasy and reality is mostly grammatical in nature.

July 1999 - Issue 2.7 - top

Faces of the Day (Poetry by Betty)

So occupied with life. I'm not busy being a woman, or busy being a freind...

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