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At The Fence - The Summit of the Americas

01/May/01 - The rich make plans to get richer at Quebec City's Summit of the Americas; marc brought back this photo essay.

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am i normal? 

Drew's weekly survey of normality.

Ask The Mighty Thor 

The most honest daily advice column anywhere.


Articles and Editorials from A to Z by various contributors to Extensive archive here!


Here today, gone tomorrow - miscellaneous stuff.

T-Bone's Own 

An easy to follow index of T-Bone's fun, hilarious, stress relieving and goofy eToys!

Simpson's Vinyl 

Ever heard a song that just takes you back to another time and place?

Still Life With Dog 

The life of a round peg in a square hole.


While You Were Watching Television... you were missing this.


Baud rate, band width, FTP access - it's geek speak, and it's here.

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F.A.Q. Off 

Questions, answers and the occasional tall tale.

Bug Jar 

Candid chat room dialogues with unsuspecting participants.


Paul Watson's defunct avant garde comic strip.


The lyrical strength of the written word.


Humor in the day to day life of Jonathan Dy.

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