Wisdom Through Humor

2.10h - Halloween 1999

2.10 - October 1999

2.9 - September 1999

2.8 - August 1999

2.7 - July 1999

2.6 - June 1999

2.5 -May 1999

2.4 - April 1999

2.3 - March 1999

2.2 - February 1999

2.1 - January 1999

1.4 - December 1998

1.3 - November 1998

1.2 - October 1998

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Halloween Special 1999 - Issue 2.10h - top

It All Amounts To No More Than Peanuts and Pennies

Let's get back down to what Halloween is really all about; getting ill off profuse amounts of candy.

October 1999 - Issue 2.10 - top

A Splash of Sunshine

Look before you mow, or like Jon, you may wind up with something worse than egg on your face.

September 1999 - Issue 2.9 - top

Shocking Truth: Stories of Murder

Lock up your pets! It may have been a long while ago, but Jon still has that twitchy look in his eyes...

August 1999 - Issue 2.8 - top

Squeaks Maroon

Meet Jon's trusty side kick, Squeaks Maroon...

July 1999 - Issue 2.7 - top

Showers, Shit Shampoos and the Soap Shaft

Imagine soft running water, a soapy lather all over your skin... and Jon Dy passing you the face cloth...

June 1999 - Issue 2.6 - top

Whackin' the Weeds

Jon's got a new job, and man, it sounds like it sure beats the calm, cool video clerk life...

Those Evil Emissions

Some things are better left unsaid... in fact some things are better left unheard altogether...

May 1999 - Issue 2.5 - top

A Typical Spring

By now you're all aware that "typical" has a completely different meaning for Jon...

A Whole Lotta Sex

Outlaws on motorbikes, fortunes, sex and probably not what you're thinking...

April 1999 - Issue 2.4 - top

A Day in the Life of a Videostore Clerk

I wondered what customers I'd encounter on this night and what situations they'd present me with but by no means was I prepared for the coming evening's events...

The Easter Challenge

Jon recalls the Easters of yesterday and the childhood turmoil of hoarding the most chocolate.

March 1999 - Issue 2.3 - top

My Burger To Be

Jon explores the lives of the most exciting creatures in the animal kingdom: Cows!

Your Nail in the Wind, A Thorn in my Side

So perfect, so clean, immaculate even. I take a few seconds to admire the beautiful job that has been done in the tedious task of clipping my fingernails...

February 1999 - Issue 2.2 - top

Loner's Lament: A Valentine's Day Story

And as I am not about to take the ol girl out for dinner or buy her flowers or make love to this 13 year old modified lawn mower...

Oh Glorious Shit

If anyone ever tells you print is dead, there's substantial evidence for why that is... Jonathan explores the craft of making paper from animal dung.

January 1999 - Issue 2.1 - top

Peeping Squirrel Part II

They're still out there...

The Road to Insanity Begins with the Furby (Double Edition!)

Jon got this one in a little bit late, but never the less, we couldn't miss the opportunity to publish this side splitting crack at consumerist hysteria.

December 1998 - Issue 1.4 - top

The Chris Cringle Crack Down

The man, the myth... the slave-drivin' selfish bastard...

Wooly the Mammoth (Double Edition!)

A particular take on winter outer-wear followed by a seasonal poem of sorts...

November 1998 - Issue 1.3 - top

Coffee Spill

It was just one of those days...

Peeping Squirrel

Seen any suspicious rodents lately? Don't let their cuddly exterior fool you... They're watching.

October 1998 - Issue 1.2 - top

Forkin' Rotten Milk

Mmm... Breakfast goodness served up thick and cheesy.

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