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3.6 - June 2000

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June 2000 - 3.6 - top

Bringing Out The Breast In Us

00/Jun/22 - Justin bears witness to the most awesome power in the universe and lives to babble incoherently about it.

Before There Was Television, There Was Mud

00/Jun/12 - Andersen on the failure of technology before the awesome power of dirt and water.

Vitamin X

00/Jun/05 - Mak on getting your vitamins from your peas not from a bottle.

May 2000 - 3.5 - top

I Hate Good Movies

00/May/29 - Marc on how Brad Pitt will not free you from your nine to five.

That was Zen, This is Tao

00/May/22 - Andersen on what we're missing.

Gladiator at the Colosseum, Get it?

00/May/15 - Mak explores the tragic irony of being a face in the crowd at the "Colosseum".

To Pity A Millionaire

00/May/08 - Viki shares the 15 questions ABC did not ask Lance Bass on TV's "Celebrity Millionaire".

Strange Animal Habits

00/May/01 - Dr. Jon Dylittle narrates a rude adventure into the strange animal kingdom.

April 2000 - 3.4 - top

Marked For Life

00/Apr/17 - Ever think about getting inked? Rachel's got some helpful tips for you.

Wish Come True

00/Apr/11 -, we make your dreams a reality - even if your dreams happen to be very odd.

Millionaire Skank

00/Apr/03 - Jon vents about the straw that broke the camel's back in our values towards love.

T-Bone's Stress Relief Aquarium Version 3

00/Apr/01 - Better Fish, Bigger Tank and More Buttons - For Serious Stress Relief!

March 2000 - 3.3 - top

The Horror... The Oscar Horror

00/Mar/27 - Adam's "what if" account of disaster at Hollywood's Academy Awards.

Death Related Phrases

00/Mar/20 - Drew & Justin compile a list of terms you don't want associated with your death.

Why Gas Prices Soar

00/Mar/13 - Mak thinks it's too bad cars didn't run on whining and complaining.

You Wanna Hit Me? Go On Hit Me!

00/Mar/06 - As Viki points out, there are many perfectly stupid reasons to fight with your partner.

Clean Confrontations and Wet Shakes (Toilet Time part 2)

00/Mar/01 - Jon has questions, clarifications and suggestions for better public rest room etiquette.

T-Bone's Stress Relief Aquarium 3 (Theatrical Trailer)

00/Mar/01 - The newest and most fun version to date of T-Bone's Stress Relief Aquarium is coming soon, but you can see the preview now!

T-Bone's The Prank

00/Mar/01 - A new movie (and by movie we mean practical joke) by T-Bone.

February 2000 - 3.2 - top

White Guilt Month

00/Feb/21 - Justin is a white guy lost in a black month.

Smarten Up

00/Feb/15 - Anna can't help but wonder if we're getting... uh... uhhh... huh huh huh... uh...

Convenient Saint Valentine

00/Feb/10 - Martin tries to untangle the roots of Saint Valentine.

So You Think You're In Love?

00/Feb/07 - Marc takes a scrutinizing look at the St. Valentine's theme - denial.

The Duh Report

00/Feb/01 - There's a dull weary droning sound coming from Viki's brain while she watches the evening news.

T-Bone's Whole Lotta Love

00/Feb/01 - A Valentine's Day eToy from T-Bone... The fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach...

January 2000 - 3.1 - top

Body Hair

00/Jan/24 - Mak examines aesthetics with a fine toothed comb.

T-Bone's Crash Test Dumbass

00/Jan/20 - Just imagine it's your worst enemy in the chair - Then let'em have it! Online therapy, courtesy T-Bone.

Toilet Time

00/Jan/17 - It's crass, honest, and makes you laugh out loud as long as nobody asks you to repeat it... It's Toilet Time with Jon!

T-Bone's At Least One Solid Argument Against Cloning

00/Jan/14 - A silly little animation from T-Bone that will have you contemplating the ethics of cloning while being mesmerized by chuckling idiots.

Toys In The Attic

00/Jan/10 - Adam takes an upside-down look at the colourful backwards world... And something about cave lizards.

Food For Stupidity

00/Jan/05 - Viki can help you put those Y2K rations to good use... Well, maybe not "good" use...

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