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2.12 - December 1999

2.11 - November 1999

2.10h - Halloween 1999

2.10 - October 1999

2.9 - September 1999

2.8 - August 1999

2.7 - July 1999

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December 1999 - 2.12 - top

2000: Da Bomb

99/Dec/26 - Tyler shares some interesting facts about a quiet killer mixed with some final thoughts about the up coming new year's eve.

The "X" In Christmas

99/Dec/19 - Mak examines just what we celebrate on that day called Xmas.

Are You A Certified Lunatic?

99/Dec/13 - Andersen wants you to take one night away from the telly to howl at the moon.

Toys That Can Bore Your Kids

99/Dec/7 - Viki wonders what ever happened to toys that could maim, choke and kill, y'know, fun toys.

A Didgeridoo Christmas

99/Dec/4 - All your favourite X-mas classics played through the symphonic sounds of the didgeridoo. (NB Flash plug-in required)

Only The Hard Core (Y2K Special)

99/Dec/1 - Andersen gets down to the Y2K nitty gritty as we get down to the wire. (Plus a special note about the Leap Year 200)

Santa The Spokesman

99/Dec/1 - Did you know The Coca-Cola Company created Santa Claus? (NB Flash plug-in required)

November 1999 - 2.11 - top

In The Name of the Son

99/Nov/22 - From the creator of W.O.T., Jonathan Dy's got plans for his name to live on and on.

The Dumb Presidents Society

99/Nov/17 - Introducing Viki with a little commentary on american politics straight from Hollywood.

Ignorance Is Bliss

99/Nov/8 - Kenneth has the cure to your frustrated existence and it doesn't involve mass murder.

HDTV For You and Me

99/Nov/1 - Andersen redefines high definition television with a little more clarity.

Halloween 1999 - 2.10h - top

T-Bone's Stress Relief Aquarium 6.66

Does the start of the Holiday Season already have you chewing at your finger nails? T-Bone's got just the thing for you... [N.B. requires Flash plug-in]

Costumer Report

Kenneth looks at the fashion runways of this year's haunting season...

Tricks Of The Trade

Anna on Halloween etiquette and new tradition.

T-Bone's Pumpkin Carver 2

Need some help deciding on the perfect mug for your Halloween jack-o-lantern? Caution, the pumpkin carver has been know to become oddly addictive; you just won't want to stop clicking... [N.B. requires Flash plug-in]

October 1999 - 2.10 - top

Confessions of a Metabolizer

Andersen recounts and questions our bathroom behaviour.

Don't You Get It?

Kenneth on the Twinkie defence and the misunderstanding of causation.

Table For One

Anna on the secret glee of being alone.

September 1999 - 2.9 - top

Another Day Another Massacre

Mak speaks his mind on the monthly massacre.


Anna is confronted with a moral dilemma when she logs on to her email account and finds she'd in someone else's.

Zen and Sailing

Andersen returns to the sea and a wide open pacific state of mind.


Whistle your own tunes to Tom's latest length of song titles by The Stuff.

Nothing More Satisfying

Kenneth has a positive vibe for all you up and coming nerdlings. You are not alone.

When They Get Hungry Enough

Justin peeps into Hollywood's bedroom.

August 1999 - 2.8 - top

Screams From The John

Tom's latest album courteous The Stuff.

Drive Drunk or Not At All

Mak has a solution to the unabating D.U.I. problem.

The End of The World

Kenneth is ever so sorry he suggested we try thinking for ourselves over simply obeying the man.

The Boob Tube

Anna takes a look at the other way television can provoke violent tendencies.

July 1999 - 2.7 - top

Bikini: A Brief History

The word "bikini" has become synonymous with images of flesh and sexuality... Tyler wanted to know why that is.

Shopping for Fulfillment

Anna takes a trip to the meat market and analyses the dating scene.

The Stuff: Rubber Hole

Liner notes from the latest album by The Stuff from Tom Simpson of "Simpson's Vinyl" fame.

Thinking it Over

Introducing modern day philosopher, Kenneth Pike to the Waxers team.

All-Talk Woodstock

Justin wasn't there but that's not going to stop him from complaining about

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